• R. Lynn Epps

Start somewhere and take the next step

Have a big idea, dream, or desire that has been burning like a slow ember in your soul? Not sure what to do, where to go, or even how to start? That's how I've felt about a lot of things over the past several months. As an almost "empty-nester", I had been wrestling with what's next in my life for several months. I spent my 20s, 30s, and most of my 40s, with a never-ending to-do list and checking off or crossing off tasks left and right. As I cruised into my 50s, things started to shift. I want to serve and make an impact but was unsure of what to do to get started. I had applied to a doctoral program previously and got rejected and a bruised ego. So, I took some time (almost another year) to step back, think about what I loved to do, the resources that were available to me, who I want to serve, and a vision started to form. The result was a decision to re-apply to the doctoral program again. I was lacking confidence and filled with doubt, but decided to pray and see what might be possible. Long story short, I ended up applying again to the same doctoral program The same program I was rejected from a year prior. Almost to the day of my original rejection I received my acceptance letter. Did I know where I was going when I first started this phase of the journey? In fact, I am still learning as I take each step through this academic process. All that to say, whatever it is that you are thinking about doing, even if you don't know what the "it" is, take the next step. Explore, learn, take the art class, take the cooking class, write the blog post, pray along the way, listen carefully, but whatever you do, take the next step.


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