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Growth: 3 Steps to Spur Your Personal Growth

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

1. Find people who've done it

2. Create an accountability circle

3. Celebrate the small wins

Find people who've done it

We've all known the friend who gives advice on an area or topic that they actually have no expertise in. True story, we had some friends of the family come visit us a few years back. During their stay they took a trip to a famous bakery in New York City and brought back some sweets. One morning while speaking to their son who was back at home, the dad (who I'll call Chris) was giving advice to his son about staying healthy with exercise. Chris touted the benefits of exercise and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet but what he didn't mention to his son was that he was devouring a piece of cheesecake (for breakfast) while giving his lecture. We still crack up about this story to this day. But what's important to remember as you embark on this new goal or dream is that you learn from those who've gone before you, not necessarily those who are behind you or worse yet, not even in the ring. When I decided to start this blog, I looked at several #YouTube videos, #blogs, and tried to get as much information as possible to help me start this journey. The same is true for you. Also remember, that if you are a learner like me, one of the challenges can be information overload which can lead to paralysis. Make a commitment to learn and act. This will help keep you on the path of growth.

Create an accountability circle

Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result. This statement by Bob Proctor serves as a reminder that once you make a commitment to #achieve something, #accountability will help ensure that it happens. I've been on a weight-loss journey for more years than I want to admit. There are lots of reasons why I have not achieved my goals and the unfortunate reality is that my name (the only one) is at the top of the list for all of them. I'm trying some new things now and checking in with one of my bff's as an accountability partner is one step that I'm trying to be more consistent with. Another point of accountability is to look inward and keep the promises you make to yourself. I'm a list person and the joy that I get from writing lists and checking them off is a little absurd. But that is who I am and I am ok with that. A couple of years ago it became pretty clear that while I may make the list and add things to my calendar I was not keeping my promises to myself. I blew things off, ignored them and embraced distraction. Now, I've made a conscious decision to keep the promises that I make to myself. It's been said that when we take action and keep our commitments to ourself, a welcome side-effect is increased confidence.

Celebrate the small wins

Take a minute to #celebrate and cheer yourself on. If you're working on a big project and complete a section, acknowledge it. Who cares that you are no where near close to being done. Acknowledging the small wins and expressing gratitude for forward movement will only serve to encourage you as you continue to work towards your #goals. A simple statement like "Good job, you are making progress towards your goals" will acknowledge your achievement and give you boost towards the next action step.

Above all, bathe your goals in prayer and take the next step.

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