A 31 Day Devotional
For Single Mothers

Need some encouragement? 
Let Selah provide daily inspiration for your heart and soul.

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You do it all. Parenting, work, nurturing, financial responsibilities, caretaker, troubleshooter and problem-solver. Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need to be encouraged. The book “Selah” is a 31-Day Devotional for you. Each day covers a different theme and embraces some of the joys and challenges of single motherhood with grace and comfort.                             Hope and inspiration are waiting for you one day at a time.




Courage, dear heart.

C.S. Lewis


About the Author

As a leader, speaker, and writer, R. Lynn Epps delivers encouragement and inspiration to a variety of audiences. 
R. Lynn Epps is deeply passionate about serving others and inspiring them to achieve greatness. She believes that God’s love for her serves as the motivator and purpose for all that she desires to do. By day, she is the Senior Associate Director of a Career Center at a flagship university in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She is also a Fulbright Scholar, course instructor, and Chief Encouragement Officer to all.
This daily devotional was originally written several years ago when she was the single parent of a beautiful six-year-old boy. In 2010, Lynn married Thomas and they blended their families immersed in the ocean of God’s grace. Her son Trey is now in his mid-twenties and her gifts by marriage, Tevaughnt and Tamar are in their early twenties and all are actively pursuing purpose-filled lives. While this book has been hidden for several years, it has always remained in her heart. She believes and hopes that this book will serve as an encouragement to all who read it.


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